Heartilation is the first song on Can't Maintain.

Lyrics Edit

I wanna tear apart my heart Glue the pieces to my car Crash it into a wall I don't wanna feel at all I wanna break apart my heart

Douse it in gasoline 'till the fire burns clean Then flick a cigarette Like that movie con-air Doused in gasoline

And if you think you are better than me your right There's no one to love, no one to trust In my life

I wanna pick up the pieces And plant them in the ground And when a tree grows there I want to chop that tree down

Build it into a boat And float it into a lake And with dynamite  I will explode the thing  That makes me make mistakes

Sometimes I get so lonesome I can't breathe Sometimes I get so scared I can't speak Sometimes I get so worried I can't hear my heart beat...anyway Anyway

I wanna tear out my heart And give it away Too a person more deserving one day If all I see is the worst in everything Thats all I'm gonna get, it's all I'm gonna get